1. About the meeting

This meeting is targeted at scientists and professionals working with benefits and risks of exotic biological control agents.

The meeting aims to address the following areas:

  • To assess the characteristics of exotic natural enemies which are considered to be successful biological control agents
  • To assess the characteristics of exotic natural enemies introduced into a country as biological control agents which subsequently become invasive alien species
  • To highlight research areas requiring attention and develop strategies for supporting priority research
  • Ongoing development of guidelines on assessing environmental benefits and risks of releasing exotic biological control agents to increase cogency of decision making on classical biological control initiatives

The 2018 meeting will be the fourth main meeting of this group. The previous meetings were as follows:

  • Engelberg, Switzerland (2009)
  • Hluboká, Czech Republic (2011)
  • Bornholm, Denmark (2015)

Whilst the group is primarily based in Europe, the last meeting (in 2015) attracted delegates from over 20 countries in five continents.